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Renewable Energy

The UK is committed to producing more energy from sustainable or renewable sources in order to limit climate change.

In addition the UK also has a legal obligation under the EU Landfill Directive to reduce the amount of bio-degradable material being sent to landfill.

PMAC Environmental’s renewable energy operations help in achieving both of these vitally important environmental goals. We want to quote you for all your waste, be it MSW, SRF, RDF, Food waste, liquids, sludge’s, wood to create renewable energy.

We are developing new sites in the UK, using tried and tested methods of extracting energy from waste streams previously landfilled or incinerated. The UK needs a solution for the huge volume of organic waste derived from the household MSW waste. These ‘organic fines’ (mainly food waste) currently are expensive to dispose of, usually into landfills. The option is now there to reap biogas from these waste streams, using Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and convert the remainder into biomass fuels to burn in our own boilers to produce both heat and power. Biomass is the term applied to fuels derived from organic matter.

The use of biomass for power generation is 'carbon-neutral' as the carbon released during the production of the electricity is balanced by that absorbed by plants during their growth.

The use of food residues as bio-fuel for renewable power generation provides a double benefit to society; not only does it reduce the volume of waste being disposed of to landfill it also enables the generation of clean, sustainable and safe energy.

Along with electricity production, burning biomass also generates large volumes of heat. This has a huge potential to add value through both the use of district heating networks when required, and waste treatment through thermal drying of waste when there is low heat requirement in summer. This will also attract the Governments ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ subsidy.

We also have access to UK Docks, and can arrange a turnkey solution for the export of RDF, SRF and bulk wood. We are also able to supply large volumes of certified wood pellets for the renewable energy markets, into small scale biomass boilers, up to providing power stations with a renewable fuel.

Please call with your specification and tonnage requirement for a very competitive quote to supply your needs anywhere in the UK.

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Shipping & Transportation

We've secured contracts for the supply waste derived fuel to mainland Europe

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a series of processes in which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen.

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